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The Government’s Auckland Housing Programme is designed to deliver the mix of housing that the city needs, at the right quality and pace.

###The challenge Work with [Housing New Zealand]( to deliver more high-quality homes for more people. And find ways to keep costs affordable, standards high and the process efficient. ###The Context solution We believe our cities should be places where people thrive. So we wanted to work for Housing New Zealand - the organisation at the sharp end of using the built environment for social good – an organisation that is New Zealand’s largest residential land-owner, and committed to providing warm, dry, safe homes for those who need them most. In 2016, along with [HLC](, Housing New Zealand launched the Auckland Housing Programme. This once-in-a-generation project will deliver 23,600 homes in ten years. An average of six and a half houses each day until 2026. It’s a huge undertaking with efficiency at its heart. Replacing older buildings with more, quality and higher density homes uses land more efficiently. And the client and project team have taken a long look at how to remove unnecessary time and cost from construction – from design and planning to procurement and delivery. One initiative is to create a set of standard house-types to speed up planning and bring down costs – and produce homes that exceed building-code requirements for insulation and sustainability. It means sweating the details because even small architectural details, like a single window-unit that fits several house-types, produces useful savings when multiplied over tens of thousands of homes. The project aims to use smarter, faster, more innovative ways to deliver the mix of housing that Auckland needs. We’re proud to be part of it.

Hertford Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland

Nikau Street, New Lynn, Auckland

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