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The Government’s Auckland Housing Programme is designed to deliver the mix of housing that the city needs, at the right quality and pace.

###The challenge Work with Housing New Zealand to develop an exemplar set of high-quality homes. Innovate ways to keep costs affordable, standards high and the process efficient. ###The Context solution We believe our cities should be places where people thrive, and we’re proud to work with [Housing New Zealand (HNZC)](https://www.hnzc.co.nz/) – the organisation at the sharp end of using the built environment for social good. HNZC is New Zealand’s largest residential landowner and is committed to providing warm, dry, safe homes for those who need them most. The [Auckland Housing Programme](https://www.hnzc.co.nz/housing-developments-and-programmes/auckland-housing-programme/) is a once-in-a-lifetime initiative to deliver the new housing the city needs. Announced by HNZC and [HLC](https://hlc.co.nz/) in 2016, the Programme will deliver 18,000 new homes over ten years. That’s an average of five houses each day until 2026. It’s a huge undertaking with efficiency at its heart. Replacing older social housing stock with higher-quality, higher-density homes that use land more efficiently. Collectively we took a long look at how to remove unnecessary time and cost from design, planning, procurement and delivery. We’ve used our experience designing homes of every kind and size to create robust designs that will work for any site and tenant need. Drawing on best practice design principles from around the world, we rigorously honed the layouts in partnership with HNZC to exceed their requirements and aspirations. Attractive, safe, enduring homes to set a new design standard for quality and efficiency of affordable housing. 264 permutations of 12 house types gives HNZC a pattern book of exemplar homes they can use to craft attractive, high-quality developments with a strong sense of place and ownership for residents. Diverse permutations enable variety within each home and between buildings, guaranteeing visual interest and contrast. Combining different typologies, materiality, colour palettes and roof forms means HNZC can create unique developments that add life to each urban and suburban setting. Communities tailored to their surroundings with a unique theme and feel. Detailed guides explain how to use the designs for the best outcomes and help HNZC communicate and collaborate with its partners and stakeholders, now and in the future. The framework equates to significant time and cost savings on future builds. The kind of savings that will enable HNZC to deliver the next 50 years of social housing better and faster and realise economies of scale. Standardised bathroom and kitchen designs, as well as a suite of staircases, windows and other components have been designed to enable offsite manufacture, which ensures quality and consistency, and adds speed and assurance to HNZC’s build programme. Our team partnered with the Ministry of Business and Innovation (MBIE) to deliver the largest MultiProofed project in New Zealand – a [national, multi-use approval](https://www.building.govt.nz/building-code-compliance/product-assurance-and-multiproof/multiproof/) to speed up and add surety to consents on future builds. Each house type has its own MultiProof certification – which means Housing New Zealand can continue doing what it does best: delivering the mix of high-quality social housing the country needs.

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