What does sustainability look like at Context?

11 September 2019

As architects and designers, we are in the privileged position of influencing how people live, work and play and we take this responsibility seriously.

Which is why we brought our team of 80 architects, landscape architects, digital specialists, urban, spatial and graphic designers together last week at Eden Park to take a deep dive into what sustainability looks like at Context Architects, now and in the future.

Buildings and construction account for 40 per cent of energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions globally, contributing directly to climate crisis. The need for change is clear.

Context is a founding signatory of Architects Declare, a national manifesto for industry-wide change to combat climate and biodiversity breakdown. The aim of last week’s workshop was to facilitate a conversation around what this means to us; to home in on a collection vision for sustainability that we can implement across our studios.

“Sustainability has been a core concern for Context since we were founded in 2003. We have a hugely talented and experienced team of architects and designers who are members of the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC) and the Passive House Institute of New Zealand (PHINZ) and have delivered a number of projects that champion sustainable design and construction,” explains Scott Cracknell Context Principal.

“What we want to do now is create a clear vision for sustainability at Context at the broadest level. This workshop was all about drawing this out from our team by identifying what each of us truly cares about as an individual,” says Scott.

Together, we workshopped what a more sustainable future might look like at Context, in our industry and our world, and how we can translate this into the important work we do.

We were also lucky enough to hear from Kat McDonald, sustainability manager at Lion, who gave us an inspiring view into how other industries are tackling one of the most serious issues of our time.