Virtual buildings

We turn virtual reality into your reality – wherever you are

22 November 2017

We take our customers into the heart of the design process to experience built outcomes virtually long before they exist, and make design decisions that save thousands, and sometimes, millions of dollars.

Our digital architecture team takes our 3D models and turns them into easy-to-understand interactive experiences. This delivers better design out the other end, both faster and more affordably.

We collaborate with you in the virtual world, experimenting with everything from height, size, views, solar gain, street-views and everything in between.

Want to see what your neighbour sees when you go to five stories? No problem. Want to walk along a street and see your development at human-scale? No worries. Want to see just how the downpipe looks? We do that too.

And for anyone who can’t make it into our North or South Island VR labs, no worries – we’ll send the experience to you with your own Context Google Glasses. This way, we'll keep you posted on your design wherever you are in the world. All you do is download the app and we’ll message you when your project has been changed.

Open the app and you’ll see all recent updates including design reports, drawing sets and model changes. To experience the virtual model of your design, simply place your device into the cardboard frame and away you go. Walk around your building, wherever you are.

Why are we doing this? Because new technologies like VR enable us to truly collaborate to meet your brief better than ever, and save you time and cost.