Singapore prefabricated 'super' housing development

08 August 2018

An eye-opening visit to our client’s super-lot prefabricated housing development in Singapore.

Some of our residential team have just returned from a 'looking and learning' trip to Singapore with our clients Nanjing Dadi Construction Group.

Whilst they were there Stephen Voyle, Scott Cracknell and Anton Fenwick visited Nanjing Group's eye wateringly large prefabricated residential scheme. It includes a shopping mall, carpark, amenities and LOTS of apartments.

The building you see here is just one of the super lots making up part of a larger Government backed affordable development that will eventually provide 50,000 homes.

80% of the buildings are pre-fabricated offsite in Indonesia and transported to site in segments where they can be swiftly assembled like Lego. Singapore's Government has mandated the use of PPVC for selected zones to encourage companies to adopt prefabrication technology.

This block of apartments cost approximately $1000 per sqm to build, took two years to construct, and will cost the buyer $400,000 for a 100sqm apartment. The equivalent built here in New Zealand in the traditional way would cost $3500 per sqm, take four years, and cost upwards of $500,000.

The working day on site is from 8am-10pm daily, with most of the lifting of the modules happening at night to avoid blocking the already congested traffic and improve safety.

A pre-fab development requires less man power on site, has less wastage, no scaffolding and causes less environmental damage.

Lots of great learnings for us here. We believe that if done the right way – with good processes and supply chains - offsite modular manufacture could be a big part of the answer to NZ’s housing shortage.