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Strengthening our landscape offering: introducing Landscape Architect Jason Chen

12 October 2020

Context’s integrated design service gains an award-winning landscape architect.

Landscape architecture plays a key role in Context’s integrated design service. Skilfully woven into the larger fabric of built forms and developments, it creates places and spaces rooted in respect for and connection to the natural world around us, and it’s vital to the longevity and sustainability of any architectural undertaking.

Earlier this year, we welcomed Landscape Architecture Lead Heather Wilkins to the Context team, greatly strengthening our landscape offering and bolstering our ability to deliver exceptional, commercially viable, seamlessly integrated projects for our clients. We’re pleased to announce that our national landscape team has grown again, with award-winning landscape architect Jason Chen recently coming aboard to work alongside Heather (and Christchurch-based Senior Landscape Architect Antonia Guthrey) and support the wider Context fold.

Jason combines strong technical and technological skills with a passion for permaculture and sustainability in design. Experienced in both the New Zealand and Chinese markets, he draws on his background in architecture, landscape architecture, and engineering to break down boundaries within teams and produce high-performing and financially robust integrated design outcomes. Read more about Jason below.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in landscape architecture?

I’ve been working as a landscape architect for nearly four years since graduating with a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Unitec. With New Zealand’s rapid urban growth, housing shortage, and growing transport networks, the protection of our special landscapes has become cause for public concern.

As a landscape architect, I enjoy being involved in various projects that create walkable, environmentally friendly, sustainable communities for residents — truly accessible places in which people can commune, relax, exercise, attend events, and enjoy the outdoors while respecting ecological and sustainable principles.

What are your particular specialities, and what types of projects do you have experience with?

I’ve been involved with a range of projects in both the public and private sectors. These have included landscape and urban design for streets, parks, churches, and playgrounds, as well as numerous landscape and architectural design packages for medium- and large-scale land development.

What’s your design philosophy? How would you describe your approach to projects?

I’ve worked across landscape architecture, architecture, and engineering, garnering ample work experience to inform how I collaborate with different professionals. When I’m working with other designers, I enjoy breaking the traditional boundaries between members of the design team. I believe in the philosophy of ‘landscape urbanism’, with describes a highly sustainable method of integrating large-scale infrastructure, housing, and open space. By integrating landscape context into city design, I believe landscape architects can make valuable contributions to building ecologically healthy cities.

What are you most passionate about within the wider field of architecture and design?

I’m interested in how to bridge the gap between landscape architecture, urban design, architecture. BIM (Building Information Modelling), LIM (Landscape Information Modelling), VR/AR, and GIS are all good platforms that provide us with opportunities to work as an integrated team and produce a better design and client result.

Want to learn more about our landscape architecture service, or have a project you’d like to discuss? Email us at [email protected].