Standardised designs to speed up housing supply

22 November 2017

Housing New Zealand is gearing up to deliver 11,000 new state housing homes and 12,600 new affordable and market homes in Auckland over the next ten years under its Auckland Housing Programme.

Our state housing provider is innovating to radically cut the construction time and cost of building these homes, and we’re working with them to help deliver more quickly through standardised designs. Developing a set of very carefully considered designs will boost housing supply by speeding up design, build and consenting. Standardisation also reduces waste, fees and council costs to boot.

It also means Housing New Zealand can calculate costs down to the last nail, along with exactly what is needed for each and every home and housing redevelopment down to the smallest component. Replicate this across the whole country and that’s serious efficiency.

Housing New Zealand with HLC’s help is providing more quality homes more quickly to growth areas. The Auckland Housing Programme is designed to not only deliver warm, dry and safe houses, but homes that are great places to live too.