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Rainbow Playlab: taking Rainbow's End to new heights

09 July 2019

The future of entertainment.

Rainbow Playlab, the new digital entertainment centre at Rainbow’s End, is now open and trading, offering cutting-edge recreation for visitors of all ages.

We designed the backdrop for the new-age, hi-tech centre which provides several exciting ways to play, including virtual and e-gaming, escape rooms, virtual sword fighting, and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, and maths).

Rainbow Playlab addresses a common challenge for amusement parks around the world: how to attract more visitors during inclement weather and reduced winter trading hours. The new centre will activate the park year-round and unlock the potential of the existing arcade space.

Prior to the official opening in time for July school holidays, Rainbow’s End invited the Context design team in to see the final fit-out and try our hands at some hi-tech fun.

Rainbow's End came to us with a plan to activate the park and optimise their business. Together, we designed a concept that would help bring Rainbow Playlab to life and appeal to families, teens, and corporate visitors alike.

Situated between the popular Dodgems and Calypso Café, the new Rainbow Playlab is one more thing to love about one of Auckland’s favourite destinations.

Read more about the project here.