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Forests for all

27 March 2018

World renowned Canadian forestry campaigner Ken Wu visited us yesterday. He gave us an arresting insight into what’s happening to endangered forests in British Columbia, Canada, and how we can help & not hinder from NZ.

Old growth forests - trees more than 1000 years old are still being felled in British Colombia - and some of them end up being exported for use in NZ. It’s the equivalent of logging Tane Mahuta to make furniture.

Ken gave us an education into why it’s important to choose very carefully when specifying timber, and how to check timber is from forests that are carefully managed to limit the impact on ancient trees and the biodiversity, communities, and economies they support. He’s also given us a taste for a trip to the amazing forests of British Columbia.

At Context we are committed to specifying timber from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC – strapline: Forests for all forever) approved sources and will certainly be thinking twice before using Canadian Wester Red cedar in the future.