Virtual buildings

Virtual building - design and build better

08 June 2018

At Context we’re building better and faster, thanks to our technology-based approach to design.

We use virtual building technology like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) to improve the speed and quality at which we design and deliver projects.

VR speeds up the planning stages, democratises design and makes stakeholder communication more efficient. We collaborate in the virtual world, experimenting with everything from height, size, views, solar gain, street-views and everything in between. It improves the quality of design as ideas can be interrogated virtually and clients have more meaningful input, and challenges are resolved virtually long before they become a real-world reality.

We also produce a full BIM model – a virtual building - for every project as standard, rather than an add-on. In BIM we combine all consultants designs into one shared platform, resulting in a smoother and more collaborative process, better clash detection (such as electrical conduit and ductwork), and greater cost certainty. And it means we can issue designs electronically and simultaneously to multiple builders and suppliers nationwide to procure materials and build faster and more accurately.

We’re the only architects in NZ using virtual and augmented reality and BIM within our workflow to this degree. Our virtual buildings team includes gamers, parametric and interior designers, architects, and BIM and CAD specialists.

We produced this video to show Housing Minister Phil Twyford how this approach is helping us in our work in social housing.