Context appoints Katrina Hall as Chief Executive

20 November 2020

Katrina has been Context’s General Manager for the past 18 months. Her appointment to the role of Chief Executive heralds an exciting new phase for the business.

Context has appointed a new Chief Executive to lead the business.

Co-owner Stephen Voyle is moving out of the role of Managing Director and taking up the position of Principal Owner, where he’ll focus on working with key clients to solve their design challenges and on accelerating business innovation through technology and digital solutions.

“As an architect who then morphed into the Managing Director, you’re always hankering to get back to working one-on-one with clients,” says Stephen. “The business has grown to the point that it’s time for an experienced executive to take it forward in new directions and for me to work where I can add most value to our clients and our team.”

Stephen is looking to focus on the innovation and digital arm of the business, helping to accelerate Context’s offering in the convergence between integrated design services and digitisation.

He’ll be succeeded in the newly formed Chief Executive role by Katrina Hall, an international executive who has worked across professional services, retail brands, media, logistics, technology start-ups, and the airline industry in New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines.

“This is a fantastic appointment for us, and we’re lucky and pleased to have Katrina take up the Chief Executive role at Context,” says Voyle.

Katrina has a master’s in business specialising in customer recovery and has previously held roles in corporate leadership, risk management, digital enablement, and customer recovery. She has experience in the construction industry and in professional services, having worked in corporate leadership roles at Opus International when she first came to New Zealand.

Context Board director Murray Dobson says the appointment reflects Context’s “commitment to making design value a key part of clients’ strategic enablers. Katrina has a proven track record in strategic commercial management, and she puts the client at the heart of the business. She understands design thinking and how to unleash the creativity of designers, and how to get that creativity to align with commercials and risk. This can only be a positive for our clients moving forward.”

Katrina has worked at Context as General Manager for Client Experience (CX) and Operations for 18 months. She’s been appointed to the newly formed Chief Executive role as part of a board decision to expand the business in new directions, aimed at providing an integrated design service as well as industry leadership in digitisation and customer experience.

According to Director and co-owner Lisa Hinton, the appointment illustrates how the architectural and design industry is changing to meet heightened customer expectations. “We’re so excited by Katrina’s appointment to Chief Executive. It represents a new milestone for the business and means we end 2020 on a much-needed high.”

Context is a 65-strong nationwide integrated design business, providing urban design, architectural, landscape, graphics, digital, and sustainability services to a nationwide client base.