Colourful commendation for Contexter Abbey Hale

15 May 2019

For the second year in a row, Context’s Abbey Hale has been recognised in the Dulux Colour Awards.

This year, Abbey has earned a commendation in the student category for her design, the Commons - a mixed-use urban space that rethinks what it means to live vertically.

The Commons is a mixed-use space of homes, co-working and office spaces, creative workshops and a public laneway- all within a repurposed inner-city car park.

“It presents a different model of urban existence. A place where the city dweller can live, work and play. The Commons imagines a new creative hub in the heart of Downtown Auckland – a space that enriches and diversifies Fort Lane and presents a new mode of vertical living,” explains Abbey.

The Dulux Colour Awards celebrate the use of colour to enhance and transform spaces through creativity and innovation.

Abbey’s colour choices were rooted in the history of the site, drawing inspiration from Auckland’s original shoreline and what was once the centre of manufacturing and craftsmanship. In the Commons, bespoke surfaces parallel those found naturally along the shoreline. Natural colours and textures are paired with industrial materiality akin to what was once produced in factories nearby.

Last year, Abbey’s Frankenthaler Apartment concept was awarded bronze in the Student Spatial category at the Best Awards and was a finalist in the Dulux Colour Awards.