Virtual buildings

VR concept for Christchurch stadium

17 July 2018

Context architectural graduate Ben Russell produced this inventive concept for a multipurpose stadium for Christchurch.

The stadium design explores how it could become a lively, active and economically viable space with a range of uses and businesses co-located in the space. From a sliding retractable pitch for music concerts, to bars and businesses co-located in the structure. The concept is proving to be a conversation starter around what the stadium could look like, and what it could be used for.

Originally produced as part of his Master’s degree, Ben a Christchurch local is excited about the potential for the region’s flagship stadium. We turned his concept into an immersive virtual reality experience to enable people to get a sense of what the stadium could look and feel like at a real-life scale. It gives a great insight into what's possible in VR.

Context uses VR as standard to give clients a lifelike experience of their designs, long before anything is built in the real world. It means more people can better understand the possibilities of a project and have input. VR democratises design and opens it up to more people than ever before.