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Brenda Ni: our newly Registered Architect

10 December 2018

Brenda Ni joined Context in 2013 as an architectural graduate. A talented artist, Brenda quickly became known for her beautiful visuals, used to help clients understand and explore conceptual designs.

Stunning renders, however, were just the beginning of Brenda’s many talents.

As Brenda’s skillset and exposure to all professional competencies grew, she became involved in the more technical details of a project’s delivery, including documentation and works onsite. She now leads major project work for some of our biggest clients, including Fletcher Living, and oversees a team of graduates.

This week, we congratulate Brenda on becoming a Registered Architect and reaching a very important milestone in her career. To achieve registration in New Zealand, architects must complete an intensive programme of study, have at least three years’ professional experience under a Registered Architect, prepare a case study demonstrating their competencies and pass a rigorous entrance exam. To do so before the age of 30 is as impressive as it is rare.

At Context, we have a comprehensive registration programme to support graduates and ensure they develop all of the skills and professional competencies needed to deliver great work. We lead targeted workshops and skilled learning exercises and support the continuous professional development of everyone in the business. We are committed to our people’s development and making sure our clients get the very best in service.