Are we your tribe?

Your tribe is a big part of your life. The Context tribe share similar values. We put people first, and engage clients in the design process. We embrace new technologies and ways of working.

So we work hard, but we have fun. Ski trips. An open beer fridge. Having your birthday off. Ringing the bell to celebrate a win. Knowing each other’s families. (And your kids who use the virtual reality lab on the weekend.) Understanding that you’re human. And not a human resource.

As architects, we can be a force for good. We affect the way people live and how they interact. We influence the social fabric through the built world. It is a big responsibility.

Diversity can be cliché, but we have it in droves. Of our 65+ team, we cover 16 nationalities and speak 19 languages. Over half of us are women. We think differently because we are different.

We even employ gamers and graphic designers to help us use our design skills to enrich the client experience and the quality of our work. The future relevancy of architecture is where we are at today.

Want to find out more? Talk to one of our team. They are usually our best references.


Front of house


We're looking for a new ‘welcome party’ at our Auckland studio.